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Published on:

22nd Jul 2022

10K Pitches Ep. 100: All Four Nothing

On this episode of 10,000 Pitches, Jeremy Rushing and Dominic Jose Bisogno break down the latest news and headlines in the world of Minnesota soccer.

  • Minnesota United follow up 2-0 win over DC United with historic 4-0 friendly win over Everton (00:00-41:32)
  • Minnesota Aurora blank McLean to advance to USL W-League final (41:33-53:28)
  • Minneapolis City end USL League Two season on high note with win over St. Croix (53:29-1:01:52)
  • Salvo fall to Colorado Rapids women in WPSL playoffs (1:01:53-1:03:14)
  • Duluth FC top FC Columbus advance to NPSL Midwest semifinals (1:03:15-1:10:30)
  • Hayward solidify 3rd position in WPASL w/win over Union Eau Claire (1:10:31-1:13:20)
  • Top 4: Miami's sons, Soccer at Lambeau, Med City alum to Malta, more! (1:13:21-1:26:59)



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Welcome to the new home of soccer coverage in the North, Sota Soccer!

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