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15th May 2021

Post Loons Episode 6: We're Going Streaking!

On tonight's episode of Post Loons, Jeremy is joined by Sam from Pod on you Loons to break down Minnesota United's second win in a row, a drama-filled 1-0 win over FC Dallas.

  • Tonight felt like a different team than we've seen so far this season
  • Another excellent performance from Tyler Miller. 2nd Clean Sheet!
  • This is the MNUFC defense we're used to seeing!
  • Finishing still a problem
  • Deserved goal for Robin Lod
  • Upcoming bye week
  • Does Hunou start against RSL?
  • How close is Dibassy to returning?
  • Will they sign Fragapane in time for the international break?

You can check out the video version of this episode on YouTube, and feel free to subscribe and leave us a thumbs up: https://youtu.be/cEjfUReWtRY



  • Sam co-hosts Pod On You Loons, which you can listen and subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts. Follow them on Twitter @PodLoons or check out their website: podloons.weebly.com!


  • Ninth St. Soccer & Coffee has a beautiful indoor soccer field, which you can rent for yourself and your friends or sign up for $5 pickup! Just go to NinthStreetMpls.com to learn more, book your time, or sign up for pickup. Also, be on the lookout for great events happening there all summer long, including periodic Minnesota United watch parties!
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Welcome to the new home of soccer coverage in the North, Sota Soccer!

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